We expect around 600-800 students to visit the career day from all 7 education programs (Aviation, Built Environment, Engineering; Forensic Science, Logistics, Maritime Studies,  Mathematical Engineering). 2nd year students will "walk around" looking for a possible internship; 3rd year students will go for finding a suitable graduation project and 4th year students are ready to take their starters job at your company.

We have teamed up with a professional online event platform (Let's get digital) to provide you the best online experience for this career event. Hereby an impression how it will look like. 


12:00-13:00 Lunch Session with company representatives and internships coordinators per education program (without students). 


13:00-13:15 Opening speech Esther Ras, Dean, Faculty of Technology


13:00 - 17:00 Company stands are open for chat or video call. Book a time slot! 


Company presentations:

13:15-13:35  Dura Vermeer

13:40-14:00  Heijmans

14:05-14:25  Tata Steel

14:30-14:50   Ministerie van Defensie

14:55-15:15   BAM Group

15:20-15:40  To70

15:45-16:05  PointFWD

16:10-16:30  Unica

16:35-16:50  BidFood