Information for companies and universities

The Benefits

► You will have the opportunity to connect with 1000-1200 of prospective interns and employees, technical companies and universities.

► Your company logo will be displayed in all "Connect!" marketing materials and on the official event website.

► You will be provided with a virtual stand.

► You can give a company presentation (20 min.).

► A whole year long you will have the opportunity to inform students about actual vacancies for internships, graduation projects and jobs via our internship coordinators.

Target Groups

► 6800+ bachelor students of our Faculty

► Our alumni - young professionals working for technical companies

► Dutch and international technical companies

► Technical universities offering master programmes

► Authorities and governmental institutions

► Recruitment agencies working in the field of technology

Participation is free of charge this year

In previous years we asked for a mandatory contribution from the participating companies. This year the participation is officially free of charge for all companies but we ask you to consider an optional contribution. 

You can choose from the following options:

  • €100: my company contributes to the costs of stand / online platform
  • €250: my company values HvA’s work to educate future technical professionals
  • €500: my company sponsors this event
  • €0: unfortunately my company cannot contribute to this event

With further question please contact: Viktoria Balla-Kamper.

We kindly invite you to join our career day in November!