Career Workshops

The workshops below are open for all students studying at the Faculty of Technology (from year 1 to year 4). In order to keep the workshops interactive we have to set a limit of max. 30 participants per workshop. The registration will open soon. (First come first served basis.)


How to decrease your study stress? (Bureau for Mindfulness) - room A3.48 (Full! - registration is not possible any more)

Busy, busy, busy the whole day long with assignments for school, private appointments, sport, student job and parties. You always feel pressured and don’t know how to manage all the stress from studying. Does this sound familiar to you? Then sign up for this workshop! 

 In a nutshell you will learn methods and techniques that can help you not only decrease stress in your daily life but also to find a better balance between your study and private life. 


Motivation (Brunel) - room C.1.77 (Full! - registration is not possible any more)

Choosing a first job is difficult. There are many different aspects that students have to take into account. It is important that the student thinks about what for him really matters. This can be the salary, the content of a job, career opportunities or other aspects. During the training 'Motivation' we look at the motives of the participating students. We start with an interactive game, the Holland Code and we give a good insight into the employment conditions of a starter employee. After the training the student is able to recognize his own motivations with regard to a first job.



Start your own company! (Ezra Koldenhof) - room A3.48

Are you thinking of starting your own company then this workshop is definitely for you! 

During the minor entrepreneurship, Ezra and his co-students had started the company Circlefied. The company is based on making functional products from industrial plastic waste. In the past eight months, Circlefied has carried out assignments among others for KLM, Gemeente Amsterdam and Dopper. During the presentation they will explain how the company had been created and useful tips will be given on how to start your own company.

LinkedIn Training (Brunel) - room C.1.77 (Full! -registration is not possible any more)

LinkedIn, the digital CV from today! LinkedIn is also your business card towards your network. During this workshop you will gain insight about how to use LinkedIn for your best benefit. You will learn how to make an excellent LinkedIn profile, how you can use LinkedIn effectively but you will also hear tips about how companies use LinkedIn to find new talents.



How to negotiate on the conditions of employment: salary, bonus, company car etc...

(TUI HR Department)- room C.1.72 - Cancelled

Even as a starter you have the chance and the right to negotiate about your salary and all the other working conditions. The HR Department of TUI introduces introduces you the Do's and Don'ts regarding this subject. 



Personal Branding (Young Talent Factory) - room A3.48 - Dutch Only! (Full! - registration is not possible any more)

This workshop helps you to discover your own personal brand! You will get information about the definition of personal branding and how you can profile yourself online and in real life (offline). #timeforchange! Afterwards you can tell much more about yourself than just your name, age, or study background. You will stand out because of your inspiring story, passions or unique talents! #brandyourself! 


STAR Interview method (Marie-José van Rooij - lecturer, Aviation Academy) - room C.1.77

Recruiters apply several HR methods during job interviews. One of the most widely used interview techniques is the STAR method. If you follow this workshop you can learn how to be one step ahead the recruiters.



Discover your dream job! (Young Talent Factory) - room A3.48 - Dutch Only! (Full! - registration is not possible any more)

Not a clue what you want to achieve in your professional life? In this workshop we will help you explore what kind of activities you like to do in a job, what your possibilities are and what kind of company culture fits your personality. At the end of the workshop you will know which first steps you can take in your careerpath! #workonyourfuture #dreamjob


Studying and working abroad (UNSA) - room C.1.77 (Full! - registration is not possible any more)

This workshop is given by students who studied and/or worked in Africa. They are going to share their experiences with you and what they have learnt from their time in abroad.